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Vase Creation Takes Home Multiple Beauty & Wellness Awards

Keeps on Shining with Vase Creation. The Malaysian First Clean Formulation brand, Vase Creation has won multiple accolades at The Beauty Insider Malaysia Beauty & Wellness 2022 Awards, particularly in the Best of Clean Beauty and Best of Health & Wellness Awards.

It turned heads when it took home the Winner of Best Body Wash award, with its Midnight Shikoku's Super Hydration and Innovative Ingredients winning the awards this time round. Besides, the chemist founder has formulated Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist with the goal of making it both effective and completely natural. This commitment to science is paying off: Vase Creation's calming formula won the Best Aromatherapy award.

This year, the Beauty Insider Malaysia Beauty & Wellness Awards have decided to create a more in-depth awards show. The audience is able to learn full product details and pros & cons from an editorial point of view. After a lot of testing, 100+ winners were determined for this year's Beauty & Wellness Awards. The editorial team of Beauty Insider, guest judges, trial team, and partner ambassadors all contributed to the selection process, to help you make more confident decisions about your purchases for years to come.

The Best Aromatherapy: Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist has won the Best Aromatherapy awards and stands out as one of the most popular products, with its blend of pure organic essential oils scientifically formulated to relieve stress.

The mist is designed to be sprayed on your pillow before bed, or you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s safe to use at home or when traveling and is made with organic ingredients like lavender and cedarwood oils. The organic stress relief pillow mist is available in several sizes: 12ml & 100ml, which is best for self-care gifts too.

The Best Body Wash: Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil

The best-selling Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil has been awarded the winner of the Body Wash category for its innovative ingredients. It was rated as a moisturizing body wash that soothes and calms you after a long tiring day.

PENTAVITIN® and anti-inflammatory ingredients cleanse your skin while replenishing it with hydration. This soap-free formula is suitable for all skin types and provides skin protection while evening out your skin tone, leaving you with clean, radiant skin. Comes in 100ml, 330ml regular, 330ml refill pack.

These award products can be found at a variety of specialty stores, lifestyle stores, and pharmacies: Tsutaya Books, Genting HillTop Grocer, Mano Plus Select Store, Pharmacy Publika, and more.

As Malaysia's homegrown brand, it's always glad to get feedback from our customers, especially when it concerns the hard work we put in to create our formulation and products. We are so thankful for all of the support and recognition we have received! We can't wait to see what wins and accomplishments Vase Creation ends up being a part of this year. Thank you to all the people who made this possible.


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