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NEED DEEP SLEEP: A Priority With Vase Creation x Thayal

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Vase Creation is spotlighting the need for a good night's sleep, underscoring its role in physical and mental health to promote the Need Deep Sleep campaign with Thayal.

9 September 2022, Kuala Lumpur - Vase Creation is collaborating with Thayal to introduce the Need Deep Sleep campaign you never knew you needed. The Need Deep Sleep campaign promotes awareness of the critical role good sleep plays in physical and mental health importance with the Need Deep Sleep Set. The Need Deep Sleep Set consists of Vase Creation's awarded-winning Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist and Thayal’s Earthy Therapeutic Eye Pillow.

With businesses implementing back to work in the office, one thing is clear: adapting to old routines will take some work – and a deep slumber routine is one of the most critical steps of all. The thought of waking up early in the morning causes anxiety when paired with traffic jams, cranky unethical drivers, and a long commute, especially when driven on Malaysian roads. In fact, poor sleep has a negative effect in the workplace, whether it manifests as workplace accidents, lowered attention and excessive sleepiness on the job, or a drop in overall employee well-being.

Fortunately, in this case, it is indeed easier done than said to achieve that necessary state of slumber with the versatile Need Deep Sleep Relaxing Set. The sedative combination blend of organic pure essential oils of lavender, patchouli, sweet orange, roman chamomile, vetiver, and cedarwood in the Vase Creation's Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist is paired with Thayal’s Earthy Lavender Flaxseed Weighted Therapeutic Eye Pillow, carefully hand-stitched cotton with lavender and flaxseeds to create a soothing pressure on your eyelids to stimulate serotonin and melatonin while blocking out distracting light to effortlessly drift into your much needed deep sleep.

The Need Deep Sleep Relaxing Set is priced at RM76.00 but there will be an exclusive 8% discount (RM69.90) until the 30th of September 2022. The set is available on these e-commerce platforms for your convenience: Sunway eMall, Shopee Mall, LazMall, AirAsia TravelMall, and the official website of Vase Creation:

This campaign is in line with Vase Creation's effort to support local small businesses in conjunction to the month of Malaysia Day. The range is available on Vase Creation's e-store and will be promoted on social media. The two brands have come together to create a set of products that promote good sleep and support local small businesses, a great example of how different companies can work together for the greater good.


About Vase Creation

Vase Creation is Malaysia’s First Clean Beauty: Personal Care Brand. They are the architects behind Daboba Bubble Tea Lip-Balm and Milk Candy Lip-Balm in Malaysia, delivering "Truly Natural Beauty" and offering distinctive, safe products since 2018. Vase Creation’s products are free of petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients like lead, phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Moreover, the products are also free from animal testing, microbial tested, and Halal-Test Certified. Dedicated to sensitive skin users.

Today, Vase Creation prides themselves on their high social responsibility practices by ensuring products are made from imported quality natural ingredients through nature-safe processes with their very own distinctive formulation by the founder of Vase Creation, who is a formula chemist by profession. #SupportLocal

About Thayal

Thayal, derived from the Tamil word for stitches, was founded by Rechel, a humble homemaker who juggles a family of three kids. Thayal started as a stress relief therapy and a passion to handcraft tiny doll characters for her kids to a small business during the Movement Control Order (MCO), in hope of brightening up children’s days of staying indoors. Rechel then proceeded to refine her craftsmanship technique and introduced her first collection of Little Thayal dolls in the form of minimalistic animals and rag dolls, which came to life in children’s imaginations. Due to the unexpected success, Thayal grew further, which led the brand to diversify into a collection of aesthetic designed gifts and self-pampering products to accommodate a whole new target customer, grown-ups.