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Aroma Mist + Coconut Candle

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What People Say

Sharon Lee,
satisfied customer

My second purchase. Love the scent. One spray or two on the pillow is enough. Fragrance the whole bedroom too.


Miya Kween,
satisfied customer

Highly recommended - it is really calming and relaxing, love the lavender scent with a mild touch of chamomile scent as well! Size wise, I like the fact that it’s travel friendly, can pun inside my bag and carry anywhere. Will repurchase again!

It works and it is definitely worth it! Improves Sleep Quality, Fall Asleep Easier, Calming Fragrance and Long Lasting!

How-to-use-aromatherapy-mist (3).png

Janice HW,

satisfied customer

Love the scent and it does helps me to sleep well.

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