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"For a good period, we may be shy to talk about it on social media. But quite the opposite. Especially for the young girls, we’d love to promote their confidence by becoming extra enthusiastic to talk about periods."



lady who experience

some pain during period*



lady who experience menstrual pain at some point*



 lady experience period pain that disrupts their lifestyle*



lady experience premenstrual symptoms*

Reference: America's National Institute of Health, GSK Health Partner & Women's Health Concern

You are not alone,

If the menstrual period can disturb you in real life,

but no one knows.

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Vase Creation Menstrual Oil Roller


With ECOCERT & COSMOS ORGANIC certified ingredients, gentle lavender essential oil, ginger essential oil, clary sage essential oil, thyme essential oil, and herbs extracts from botanical plants, this natural remedy is designed to help alleviate the pain and cramps of periods.


Clean Ingredients. Halal-Friendly. Made in Malaysia.

Organic All-Natural Drippy Droppy™ Menstrual Oil Roller 15ml


It was developed after years of research and clinical trials by a formula chemist who wanted to provide an effective solution without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs.

With the innovatively designed bottle with hygiene and convenience in mind, an alternative to applying while massaging cramp areas without dirtying your hands, and prevents messy spillage when relief is needed anytime and anywhere. Vase Creation Organic All-Natural Drippy Droppy Menstrual is one of the best all-natural remedies for easing menstrual cramps, period pains, headaches, and muscle tension during menstruation.


Clean Ingredients. Halal-Friendly. Made in Malaysia.

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