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Clinically proven to help 89% of users relieve the period cramps for the first two days*.

Clean Formulation by the Founder, Formula Chemist Professional.

Clean Ingredients. Halal-Friendly. Made in Malaysia.


Vase Creation Menstrual Oil Roller

About Us

Destination for Clean Formulation.

Malaysia’s First Clean Formulation & Clean Beauty indie brand has been offering distinctive safe self-care & cosmetic products to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, United States, etc.

The architect behind Daboba Bubble Tea Lip-Balm and Milk Candy Lip-Balm in Malaysia, delivering “Truly Natural Beauty”

and offering distinctive safe products. Vase Creation stands for quality, therapeutic-grade products and is committed to only making the best possible personal care and clean beauty products for your skin.

Our products are free of petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients like lead, phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulphate. ​ Today, Vase Creation prides themselves on their high social responsibility practices by ensuring products are made from imported quality natural ingredients through nature-safe processes, with their very own distinctive clean formulation by the founder of Vase Creation, who is a Formula Chemist by profession.


Established in 2018. Founded by Formula Chemist Professional

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From Self-Care to Clean Beauty

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“I love Vase Creation product and the scent, kulit tak kering”

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