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Tea Time on Your Lips: These Lip Balms Add a Little Sip

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Tea lovers rejoice! No longer do you have to give up your love of tea when suffering from dry, chapped lips. Whether you are taking a walk or sitting in front of a computer screen at work, it is a good habit to keep your lips hydrated and vibrant. The most effective way to keep our lips smooth and moist is by using a lip balm. Many lip-care products in the stores contain ingredients that actually dry out your skin leaving it cracked and chapped. There is a solution and by making use of natural lip balm infused with tea you'll be able to give your dry sensitive lips a little Lip Tearaphy.

The idea for such a product came about when Vase Creation founder and formulator, Charlotte Tan, was searching for something to relieve her red, raw sensitive lips. She found that tea extract helped soothe her inflamed lips more than anything else. But using just tea extract on the lips produced a hard, waxy texture that didn't feel good on her lips.

"It took us a few years to find the right formula," she admitted. "I wanted something that had a long-lasting effect on the lips while being non-greasy, but at the same time not too sticky." Charlotte started experimenting with different formulations until she found one that created a smooth texture while providing intense hydration and nourishment through ingredients like castor oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. The result was Lip Tearaphy—a lip balm infused with tea extract.

According to Charlotte, our lips have no sebaceous glands or melanin, making them more likely to get sunburned or irritated than other parts of the body. So, the lip balm is a key essential to moisture and nourishing the lips.

The Lip Tea-raphy lip balm is an upcoming product that aims to help you heal your dry or damaged lips from the inside. Alongside the use of beeswax, oils, and natural and organic ingredients, it is infused with tea for added benefits of antioxidants. It allows this product to be used as a lip exfoliator while conditioning your lips bringing them back to life.

The three flavor lip tea-raphy in the line include:

  1. Earl Grey For the tea lover in all of us, this Earl Grey lip balm is a subtle and sophisticated way to keep your lips hydrated on the go—the rich bergamot scent will make you hungry for scones and clotted cream, but that's a good thing, right?

  2. Matcha This Japanese matcha scent has a very calming effect—you can almost feel the warmth radiating from the cup, and it's not too far away from the traditional jasmine tea that so many of us know and love. If you're looking for an invigorating pick-me-up, this is it.

  3. Oolong A Chinese tea that is known for its exquisite flavor and aroma. Oolong tea is partially oxidized and then roasted in a hot wok to bring out the unique taste of this tea. The resulting brew is slightly fruity and sweet with a deep, rich flavor. We then infuse this tea into our lip balm to give it a delicious taste and aroma.

This season, give the gift of tea. Or, more accurately, the gift of lip balms that smell like tea and come with the best sellers sleeping stress relief pillow mist, and essential oil antibacterial spray. The lip balm and self-care products are available through the Vase Studio and Giftr Malaysia for RM 56.00.

We love this kind of self-care gift because it's something you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself, but that you can really use. We find it more pleasant than having to choose between one or the other when we're not feeling like going outside.

Lip Tea-raphy is currently only available in the selected global marketplaces and retail stores, but its unique concept and wide range of flavors have us hoping they'll be crossing oceans soon. What would your favorite tea-flavored lip balm be? #VaseCreation

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