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Beyond Conventional Travel: Gems of Malaysia Campaign With Vase Creation

Embark on a Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Malaysia, a land of cultural diversity and natural splendor, attracts travelers who are curious about its heart and soul. As the nation celebrates its identity on the impending National Day and Vase Creation marks its 5th Brand Anniversary, a transformative journey awaits those who seek to explore beyond favored tourist trails.

In Search of Malaysian Gems, a campaign in partnership with Vase Creation that reveals the country's hidden treasures and fosters authentic collaborations among travelers, has unveiled an initiative to immerse visitors into the true essence of Malaysia.

Vase Creation In Search Of Malaysian Gems - Travel in Malaysia Campaign

Unearthing Hidden Treasures with Vase Creation

The Gems of Malaysia campaign is a quest to find the treasures that lie within our country, by highlighting its most authentic facets. This journey uses traditional tourist spots as starting points—giving travelers an opportunity see Malaysia in all its glory.

Waterside spots, tucked amid lush rainforests or hugging pristine beaches, offer a glimpse into the untold stories of this country. Starting from August 2023, Vase Creation has partnered with MUO Hotels to bring travelers a unique traveling experience, for your stay.

Vase Creation x MUO Hotels

Collaborating for Authenticity in Malaysia

Vase Creation's alliance with local Malaysian brands and artisans adds an extra layer of authenticity to this travel narrative. The campaign is more than just a journey; it's also an opportunity for travelers to connect with the true essence of Malaysia.

The campaign invites travelers to witness the genuine craftsmanship and heritage that shape Malaysia's identity through partnerships with artisans, designers, and creators. Welcome back to the travel essentials: Need Deep Sleep Relaxing Sets, which include a bottle of award-winning Stress Relief Pillow Mist and handcrafted lavender eye pillow, where we are celebrating this month with local artisan Thayal. As the nation's National Day coincides with Vase Creation's milestone anniversary, the spirit of Malaysia is evoked through these collaborations.

Vase Creation x Thayal: Need Deep Sleep Set

Diverse Shopping Experience in Malaysia

The tapestry of Malaysian brands participating in the campaign is as diverse as that nation's cultural landscape. From personal care to artisanal products, each brand contributes a unique facet—and together they make up one great experience. Vase Creation partners with the best local retails to create a shopping experience that is as unique and memorable as Malaysia itself.

You'll find a variety of items for sale in Malaysia's bazaars and select stores—carefully curated to showcase the nation's creative diversity. It’s a celebration of Malaysia’s creativity, reflected in each brand’s story. Ilaika Select Store is our latest retail partner; discover their exquisite wares today!

Vase Creation x Ilaika Select Store

Travel in Malaysia and Crafting Lasting Memories

The essence of travel is not just about seeing new places, but also finding ways to create memories that will last a lifetime. The campaign's collaborations are designed to create memorable and meaningful experiences.

Each experience is a piece of the puzzle that completes the portrait of Malaysia's charm: whether it's an encounter with local artisans, cultural immersion or a picnic in nature. Discover Gems Of Malaysia at the Vase Creation Pop Up Event, held on 2-3 September 2023 at Sunny Side Up Market located in The Rows, Kuala Lumpur.

Vase Creation x Sunny Side Up Market Wellness Edition

Traveling Responsibly with Vase Creation

As travelers, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the places we visit. The Gems of Malaysia Campaign is an excellent example of how tourists can be respectful when exploring new destinations.

The campaign encourages travelers to explore responsibly by supporting local businesses and advocating for ethical travel practices. It also supports the involvement of local communities through ethical practices. To support local communities and local businesses, check out this list.

Vase Creation - Where to Buy in Malaysia

Planning Your Gems of Malaysia Adventure

Preparation is the key to making your journey extraordinary. The campaign offers a range of excursions that are sure to leave you with lasting memories. From choosing the most immersive experiences to curating your travel itinerary, the planning process is a canvas waiting for you to make something great.

To get ideas for your next travel ideas in Malaysia, check out the Travel Tips on Vase Creation Official TikTok.

A Tapestry of Malaysia's Essence

As the Gems of Malaysia Campaign converges with Vase Creation's 5th Anniversary and National Day, a series of events is planned to celebrate. Beyond the appeal of traditional travel, this campaign opens doors to hidden treasures and enduring memories.

Embark on a transformative journey with Vase Creation that paints an authentic portrait of Malaysia's essence—an essence vibrant with diversity waiting to be discovered by you!



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