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Unconventional Flowers with Extraordinary Love For the MOM-ent

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

This Mother’s Day, Light Up will be collaborating with Vase Creation to present a range of gift boxes to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world and has always been there for you, supporting you selflessly through every stage of your life.

There are 6 different kinds of gift boxes in this collaboration which consist of Light Up’s Japanese technique, handcrafted floral candle accompanied by either Vase Creation’s handcrafted & and all-natural lipstick or lip balm. Both brands embrace the back-to-basics approach, natural handcrafted and not manufactured.

Some say that the relationship of mother-child is the most beautiful and an inseparable bond that we all have in this world. She doesn’t expect anything in return except love. You encompass a feeling of being more relaxed and peaceful when you’re with your mother and there is no substitute to it. Hence, now is your chance to return the favor by pampering her with the all natural hand-wrought lipstick with a tinge of honey and exotic floral scent on her lips to make her look her best this coming Mother’s Day.

This gift box will also allow her to achieve a state of balance and peace with the floral aromatherapy from the candle and not forgetting, the appealing handcrafted design as a décor to add to your homely ambiance to feel comfortable and calm. There is no reason why she can’t look beautiful while enjoying the cozy atmosphere with her love ones at the vicinity of her home.

Light Up Floral Candle

A Japanese technique handcrafted natural soy candle in a shape of a flower, using U.S imported natural soy wax and Japan imported essence oil, complemented with creative imagination and committed focus, as well as a mood booster, evoking a sweet feminine touch of elegance, while emitting the redolence aromatherapy of blooming floral. Not only that, the wax of the candle can also be used as massage oil wax.

Vase Creation Lipstick/Lip-balm

Fully upgraded formula with USA Organic Rose pure essential oil, offers you the scent of pure natural honey with a hint of exotic floral, and prolonged shelf life up to a year. Fresh and all natural ingredients. Plus, who can resist the pure white-case?

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