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How Shower Oil Felt After Over 18 Months of Use

Awarded the crown at Beauty Insider Malaysia's 2022 Beauty and Wellness Awards, the Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil is a cult favorite among a huge fanbase. The nourishing benefits of Midnight Shikoku leave the skin unbelievably soft and supple. And for added luxury, its citrusy Japanese Yuzu scent combines with the distinctive aroma of Ryoku-cha tea to stay on your body for hours. Many have used this shower oil product over the years. Read here for the article of The Difference of Shower Oil & Body Wash.

Now, one of the users has taken the next step and reviewed it over an extended period of time. He was met with good results with his experience, the review is about it after over 18 months of continuous use morning and night, as well as during travel.

This is How We Start

He is an adventurous young photographer who likes to hike and travel. When we asked him about how he had come across the brand, he chuckled. "I never really cared about brands of body wash. If it was sold at my local drugstore, I'd use it. I only cared that my body washes smelled good. I never felt the need to buy a fancy product and found that regular soaps were fine for my skin, even for my dry skin patches. However, after working from home for a while, I discovered the comfort of shopping online—and that changed things."

He continued, "I decided to look for something a little fancier and came across this Malaysian local brand. I liked the design, and was intrigued by its promise of quality."

The Hype Behind Vase Creation Shower Oil

Skin exposed to urban stress, such as pollution and other environmental toxins, needs quick-acting and long-term hydration along with targeted care for problem areas. Our formula chemist founder, Charlotte, has developed a clean formulation that contains the active ingredients necessary to give your skin a multifaceted approach to treating whatever concerns you may have. Her personal approach to skin problems reflects her scientific and manufacturing knowledge as well as her own experiences with the condition.

  • Can you tell us how the Vase Creation Shower Oil felt after using it?

"I have to say, it's amazing. I've been using Vase Creation Shower Oil for over 18 months, and I'm still impressed with the results. It has a great smell and feels nourishing on my skin. The fragrance is still light and fresh, and the moisturizing effect is still as reliable as ever. Plus, it's really easy to use—you just need to apply it directly to your skin right before you get into the shower, then wash it off when you're done," he stated.

The Final Result of Using Vase Creation Shower Oil

The Vase Creation shower oil lightweight formula penetrates the deeper layers of skin, providing lasting moisture for dry, sensitive complexions.

  • How long did you use the product before you began to see results?

"I used the product for about two weeks before I noticed a little difference in my skin. My dry patches were less noticeable, and my overall complexion was healthier looking and more radiant." He pointed to the bottle of shower oil and looked at us. "Do you think this product would be helpful for someone with sensitive skin?"

Because of its gentle formula, it's recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Consumer test panels have confirmed that the ingredients are effective in reducing flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin. The product also delivers a noticeable boost in moisture levels, which improves the appearance of skin's elasticity and suppleness.

His Favorite Body Bath for Showering

  • Would you recommend this product to other people? Why or why not?

"In fact, I'm so convinced by its results that I've even recommended it to friends and family members!" He stopped and smiled.

"I first tried it last year and I have been using it ever since. By starting with Vase Creation, I've tried other shower oil brands that promise the same results, but they don't live up to their promises. I use this product every time I get out of the shower, usually twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). After using it for so long, I can definitely say that it has helped improve the look and feel of my skin significantly! My skin feels softer than ever before and there are no signs of dryness anywhere on my body anymore! It's affordable too."

He took a deep breath and continued. "This is definitely the best shower oil I have tried so far, and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry skin."

Selecting a body wash that is suited for your skin can be a challenge. With so many brands and types on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. But now that you know the best body wash for dry skin, you can make an informed decision. This is a great product that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.


Additional Details:

  • The shower oil is a natural product made from botanicals

  • SLS-Free, Cruelty-Free

  • Suitable for anyone above three years old and all skin types

  • Ranges in price from RM 16.90 to RM 49.90; refill pack available

  • Made in Malaysia

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