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Auri x Vase Creation: Malaysian Brands Join Forces for Pink October Malaysia

1 October 2023, Kuala Lumpur - Esteemed Malaysian personal care brand, Vase Creation, is proud to announce its collaboration with auri, a prominent fashion homegrown brand which under the umbrella of MS. READ, in a campaign specially curated for Pink October, a month dedicated to women's health and well-being. This exclusive partnership seeks to celebrate resilience and promote holistic well-being among women.

auri x Vase Creation: Pink October

"In every drop, find the strength of a warrior, the wisdom of a survivor, and the grace of a thriver."

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the launch of an exclusive edition of "Ms Flow Oil," meticulously formulated to provide relief from menstrual cramps. This special edition features the potent addition of Malaysia locally-sourced Bentong Ginger Pure Essential Oil, known for its natural soothing properties.

auri x Vase Creation: Ms Flow Oil

Inspired by the shared commitment to empowering women, the campaign's slogan, "Warrior. Survivor. Thriver. You embody the spirit of resilience.," encapsulates the collective ethos driving this collaboration.

The campaign, which runs from October 1st to October 31st in 2023, aims to draw attention to the importance of women's health and well-being. Vase Creation and auri have curated products that resonate with their audience—and are determined to encourage women to take care of themselves.

auri x Vase Creation: Pink October OOTD

The exclusive offer for this campaign is set to inspire women to embark on their wellness journey. With a minimum spend of RM 200 on auri official website, customers will receive a complimentary Ms Flow Menstrual Oil and an exclusive tote bag, both designed to enhance their holistic well-being.

This campaign is a collective effort to support local businesses in honor of Malaysia Day, and reflects Vase Creation's commitment to social responsibility. The collaboration between these two companies is evidence of how businesses can benefit from aligning their resources for the good of their communities.

Pink October Malaysia: auri x Vase Creation

For more information on the Pink October Malaysia campaign and to explore the exclusive Ms Flow Oil and tote bag, please visit auri official website.

auri x Vase Creation: Menstrual Ms Flow Oil

About Vase Creation

Founded in 2018, Vase Creation stands as Malaysia's premier clean formulation personal care brand. Known for delivering "Destination to Clean Formulation," the brand offers distinctive, safe products crafted without petrochemicals, lead, phthalates, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulphate. Vase Creation is dedicated to catering to sensitive skin users and prides itself on its high social responsibility practices.

auri x Vase Creation: About Auri

About auri

Established in 2020, auri is a community-centric fashion brand driven by a mission to provide the most comfortable and versatile clothing for everyday wear, which operates under the umbrella of MS. READ. With a focus on inspiring and uplifting individuals for a better self, AURI has quickly gained a reputation for quality and comfort.


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