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Ingredients Spotlight: Why Beauty Experts Are Raving About Squalane

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Plant-Derived Squalane is a natural ingredient that has recently become popular in anti-aging products. The natural Squalane is found in the human sebaceous gland and works to keep our skin moisturized. Typically it's derived from olive oil and has been found in various moisturizers.

Squalane oil is able to mimic the skin’s natural oils and act as an excellent emollient. Hence, it also acts as a natural antioxidant to protect your skin from carcinogens.

The Science Behind Squalene and Squalane in Beauty Products

It is very important to differentiate between Squalene and Squalane. Squalene, with an e, is produced naturally in the body. The squalene makes up to 13% of the sebum that our oil glands produced.

If you have ever struggled with clogged pores or acne, you might likely read about the consequences of producing too much sebum. However, the natural production of squalene slows down, and that is where squalane (with an a) comes into the game.

A Closer Look at the Origins of Squalene and Squalane

Squalene is originally obtained from shark liver oil. Shark liver is made up of a high concentration of fatty acids, making them integral for a shark’s survival at lower ocean depths. Depending on the species, a shark’s liver can make up to 20% of its body weight, making them the main target for hunters. Therefore, millions of sharks are hunted every year.

Ultimately, the squalane, with an a, is now being derived generally from plants or plant oils, such as wheat germ, olives, and rice bran.

Why Squalane is the Ultimate Skin Nourisher

With emollient properties, it can really benefit all skin types, including sensitive skin. Furthermore, it can relieve skin-care problems where the skin barrier is disrupted such as eczema, acne, and even psoriasis.

  • Hydrating: Hydrates the skin without excess oiliness

  • Reduce fine lines: Anti-aging all-star

  • Even tone & textures: Offering the skin a smooth and glowing complexion

  • Balance oiliness: Helps to control the overproduction of sebum in the skin

  • Non-comedogenic: Wouldn’t clog your pores

Top Squalane Products You Need to Try in Your Skincare Routine

With so many fantastic Squalane-based products on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. That's why our editorial team has handpicked some of our top product recommendations based on different skincare needs.

Relive your favorite memories by adding a touch of shimmer-infused goodness to your lips. The Milk Candy Memories Luxe All-Natural Lip Gloss is a nostalgic treat inspired by white milk candy. Infused with plant-squalane and Vitamin E, this lip gloss has a light, comfortable texture that's ideal for everyday use. Enjoy the indulgent feeling of reminiscing about your favorite childhood memories with this all-natural lip gloss.

Price: 5ML | RM 56.00

Recognized as #TheBestLipGloss by Beauty Insider. The Dual-Purpose Luxe All-Natural Lip Gloss not only smells good enough, but it also trusts your pout effortlessly while keeping your lips moisturized. Non-stickiness, lightweight, repair overnight.

Price: 5ML | RM 56.00

We love how its simplicity lies in its minimal-ingredient

approach, and the new definition of skincare made

simple. With the seriously affordable price point, The

Ordinary worth putting on your shopping list.

Price: 30ML | USD$ 10.00

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to approach new skincare products containing Squalane with caution. It's always a good practice to patch test new products to ensure your skin can tolerate them.

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