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Daydream Wonderland Christmas Market in Kuala Lumpur: A Fusion of Heritage and Creativity

As Christmas approaches, the city of Kuala Lumpur will be immersed in a magical atmosphere at Daydream Wonderland—a Christmas market produced by The Messy Club in collaboration with Vase Creation for their Pop Up 4.0, at Rumah Tangsi KL. This enchanting event promises an extraordinary celebration of the season, blending art, workshop and wellness for a truly wonderful holiday experience.

Vase Creation x The Messy Club Christmas Market: Event in Kuala Lumpur

Rumah Tangsi: A Majestic Heritage Mansion

This year's Christmas market is taking place at Rumah Tangsi, a heritage mansion situated in the heart of KL. The Rumah Tangsi was originally developed by Loke Yew for his esteemed friend and mining magnate, Loke Chow Kit. It sits on Jalan Tangsi (formerly Barrack Road) as a two-story mansion.

Loke Hall is said to have been designed with inspiration from Loke Chow Kit's observations of Western European architectural styles during his tour of Europe in 1903, when he accompanied Loke Yew. It is designed in the Italianate style with a central courtyard. Loke Hall is made up of two separate units. One unit resembles a typical shophouse but has elaborate decoration on the gable, while the other section looks like Palladian villas built for colonial administrators.

Vase Creation x The Messy Club Christmas Market: Event in Rumah Tangsi Kuala Lumpur

The Creative Space by The Messy Club

For this Christmas Market, The Messy Club has added a contemporary flair to the Rumah Tangsi. This collaboration between organizer, local brands and artists transforms the heritage mansion into more than just a market—it becomes an artistic expression.

The Messy Club, which was founded by artist and solopreneur Anis Khairina Ahmad Kamil, brings a fresh perspective to the market. Anis Khairina's vision for The Messy Club has grown into a platform which hosts not only pop-up markets, but also art exhibitions and workshops. The fusion of heritage and contemporary creativity embodied in Rumah Tangsi promises visitors an experience unlike any other Christmas market setting.

Vase Creation x The Messy Club Christmas Market: Event in Rumah Tangsi Kuala Lumpur

Vase Creation Clean Formulations

The Christmas Market will showcase Vase Creation's renowned line of cleansing products, known for their excellence in caring for dry and sensitive skin. Vase Creation, founded in 2018 by chemist Charlotte T. and the team, is quickly making a name for itself with its high-quality products. Charlotte's experience growing up around manufacturing, along with her hands-on approach to formulating products have been a key part of the success.

The presence of Charlotte T., the founder and Chemist behind Vase Creation, along with her dedicated team makes for an intimate experience at market. Visitors can learn about the products' inspiration, get more information on the collections, and discover what drives Vase Creation to create such award-winning sensitive-formulation products.

Vase Creation x The Messy Club Christmas Market: Event Highlights in Rumah Tangsi Kuala Lumpur

Exclusive Gift Sets and Artisanal Delights

At Vase Creation's Christmas market, shoppers can find gifts for any budget. Whether you want to spend RM 50 or RM 200—or anything in between! —you're sure to leave with a basket full of life-enhancing treats.

Explore the first appearance of artisanal batik and travel essentials by Vase Creation — where the travel set is a fusion of Malaysia's culture, incorporating batik and an adventurous spirit. The travel set, which is handmade by a local artisan from small town, adds to the overall authenticity of this unique product.

Mark Your Calendars: Christmas Market in Kuala Lumpur

Mark your calendars for this dazzling display of traditional and modern cultures at Rumah Tangsi, which will be hosting its Christmas market on December 16-17.

Event Details:


December 16-17, 2023


11 am - 8 pm


Rumah Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur


Free Entry: Open for Public

Facebook Event

Event Highlights:

Your opinion matters, and your rewards are waiting

Discover Vase Creation’s Exclusive Product Line-Up

Gift & Glow: Free Surprise with Your Purchase

Vase Creation x The Messy Club Christmas Market: How to Go Rumah Tangsi Kuala Lumpur

The Daydream Wonderland Christmas Market was curated by The Messy Club, brought to life by Vase Creation, and graced with the presence of Chemist Charlotte T.—it's not just a Christmas market; it's an experience. If you are not in the city, gift sets may be purchased at Penang, Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

PENANG Mano Plus Select Store Georgetown

KUALA LUMPUR Mano Plus Select Store GMBB KL Mano Go RexKL Petaling Street

JOHOR Y Space Select Store Johor Bahru


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