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The Evolution of Artisanal Candle: Petal Bloom Rosoku

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Level up your aromatherapy aesthetics

Candles evolved through millenniums from the ancient civilization where candles were used to illuminate the dark, withstanding the test of time until today. Nevertheless, its function has also progressed a long way from a mere source of light to an aesthetic value, aromatherapy, symbol of celebration, embellishment, mood-setters, and as a gift. Today, there are many brands offering candles in their minimalist yet creative packaging with own distinctive ambrosial scent.

However, we’re not here to discuss about how candles started but, to share the art of candle like never experienced before in Malaysia or the whole of South East Asia as a matter of fact. The founder of Vase Creation traveled across the South China Sea to the Land of the Rising Sun all in the name of hobby (before Covid la duhh, siao meh), acquiring a skill to create a candle masterpiece unfamiliar to our market.

By honing her patience, profundity, and technique, she successfully created the true epitome of a “Petal Bloom Rosoku”. Without a doubt this candle, handmade from scratch will peculiarly stand out from its peers in all the good ways.

Vase Creation x Light Up Petal Bloom Rosoku Flower Candle is handcrafted with only the best quality natural ingredients from the aromatherapeutic essential oils with the best kind of wax, beeswax. Why did i say best? Beeswax is completely natural and non-toxic substance secreted from honeybees after consuming honey from flowers which makes it environmental friendly comparing to paraffin and soywax which are blended with harmful chemicals like paraffin and bleach.

Here are more reasons why you should consider beeswax over soywax and paraffin wax:

  1. No wax can burn brighter and stronger than beeswax, emitting bright light closest to the same spectrum of natural sunlight, making it the ideal light source for minimal eye strain.

  2. Beeswax has the highest melting point among all known waxes resulting in significantly longer burn time (money for value).

  3. Beeswax has a mild sweet honey scent which complements other essential oil fragrances when blended together.

  4. Instead of adding pollutants like the other waxes when burned, beeswax is hypoallergenic by naturally producing negative ions which attaches to positive ions (ie: toxins, dust, odor, mold, pollen) and purify the air, making it suitable for those suffering from hay fever, asthma and allergies.

However, to produce a pound of beeswax require bees to visit an astonishing 30 million flowers which explains the premium price point.

Indulge your eyes on the unreplicated soft satisfying flicker of the flame melting the petals drip by drip, immerse in the symphony of crackling wick and not forgetting, relish the therapeutic redolence of serenity. One of the easiest ways to mentally unwind.

Feel free to reach out for enquiries. Many will be trying to replicate this trend but always remember, you heard from us first😉 #VaseCreation #VaseStudio

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