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The Art of Shower

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

How to cope with this stay home period and preserve our sanity? As a tip, have a good shower when feeling overwhelmed with surrounding negative vibes so, please stay home as much as possible to do our part and help spread positivity and curb the spread.

There will be stressful times or busy virtual meeting schedules while maintaining our career momentum from the comfort of our home and the best way to handle it is by keeping our physical, mental and emotions in check by embracing the art of showering. Here are some benefits of showering to help cope with staying home.

1. Good hygiene

Malaysia’s hottest season happens to fall on the month of June every year and with the high level of humidity, we have a higher tendency to sweat. Showering helps to rinse the body off bacteria, toxins, and getting rid of unwanted body odor. Ask yourself this, would you want to stay with someone being all sticky and smelly from sweat?

2. Improve productivity

Showering increases serotonin and norepinephrine production in the body. These mood-boosting hormones affect our mood, attention and focus which impacts our level of productivity in terms of better confidence and motivation.

3. Reduce stress

A good cold shower helps alleviate the feeling of stress and tension, linking it to improved mental health. It also acts as a form of a healthy break from a hectic schedule or a form of meditation. Pairing your shower sessions with your favorite tunes can be another way to promote relaxation.

4. Improve blood circulation

Showering assists the body to respond and maintain the core temperature after exposing to cold water by constricting the blood vessels on the surface of the skin. This dilates the blood vessels as blood travels away from the skin which improves the circulation in the deeper tissues.

5. Induce sleep

Warm showers an hour before bed time is proven to help us fall asleep more easily. Our body temperature tends to drop after a warm shower which improves the body “temperature circadian rhythm” and induces better sleep.

Nevertheless, the choice of body wash and shampoo help play an important role to further enjoy your shower sessions. 20 percent of the Malaysian population suffers from eczema and regular body wash may cause the skin to be dry, tight and flaky.

Vase Creation’s Midnight Shikoku shower oil with the exfoliating eco-friendly spa-like loofah pad scrubber is a good recommendation to help alleviate your shower experience. It eliminates dirt, grime and replenish skin moisture instead of stripping the skin of natural oils like regular body wash. As for the loofah pad scrubber, it promotes micro-circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells without disrupting young and healthy skin beneath.

Conclusion, choose the brand of your preference that is suitable for your skin or feel free to give Vase Creation’s latest shower oil a try as this will be a club you will never think of leaving.

You’re welcome 😉 #VaseCreation

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