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Journey of Vase Creation - Turning 3 Years Old!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It is definitely no five-finger exercise for any business to survive during this pandemic thus, Vase Creation would like to celebrate their third anniversary this August 2021. This celebration will be in conjunction with Merdeka month and to portray appreciation towards Malaysian heroes whom represented the “Jalur Gemilang” at the Olympic stage in Tokyo. The brand would have never made it this far, if not for the continuous support from family and friends with invaluable feedbacks and reviews. Let us briefly reminisce the journey of Vase Creation, until their hat-trick anniversary.

This journey started with a pair of besties, discovering and making a name for themselves in the modeling industry with newfound experiences and freedom. Both shared the same sentiment of being exposed to many beauty products from their commercial shoots/castings, and they concurred that there were not many decent product formulations with purse-friendly pricing. Hence, began the birth of Vase Creation on 28th August 2018 which grew from the seeds of their combined experiences in formulation, branding, manufacturing, and communication.

Vase Creation produced natural handmade lipsticks as their introduction to the industry, a young online beauty brand that expanded to tea-series lip balm. The opportunity availed itself with the launch of the nostalgic Milk Candy scent lip balm which helped to end their media appearance virginity.

Thanks to media buzz and support, the brand started gaining awareness traction which drove the brand to its first humble physical home located in Pop by Jaya One. Then came the hunger for more physical appearance to connect deeper and resonate with the consumers through appearances in festival mall roadshows, onboarding of Malaysia’s first artisan department store, A Day, and the unforgettable Pasar Seloka artisan bazaar, which was organized at the alluring pre-war heritage building built-in 1907.

Throughout Vase Creation’s journey, the brand strongly believes in collaboration with many local start-ups/brands to help each other grow such as Daboba Malaysia, Light Up, Blush, and Sumi Selections, to name a few.

The journey got tougher when Malaysia implemented the first lockdown due to Covid-19 on 18th March 2020. This, unfortunately, resulted in the loss of jobs and businesses closure. Vase Creation was determined to not give up and adapted to the challenges it faced by diversifying into the personal care market, supplying the shortage demand of anti-bacterial series with their very own quality formulation.

The brand’s outreach expanded with the addition of more product range, which assisted the distribution of products to major clients like MPH Bookstores, Bank of China, Time dotcom and even exporting to international markets.

It does not end there, as we have few surprises for you to join our Vase Creation Hat-Trick 3rd Anniversary Party now!

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