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Celebrating World Candle Month with LOEWE

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Candle trend is back and people are lighting candles now, more than ever. Due to the pandemic, there'll be more people're going to work from home, spending time at home with family, finding alternative ways to reduce stress and decorate with candles. And, September is the World Candle Month.

It's been a year of non-stop firsts for LOEWE. In this September, LOEWE brings the garden to your home with its new range of vegetable plant-based scents, from Coriander to Marijuana. Isn't sounds cool?

Composed of eleven botanical scents, the collection encompasses natural wax candle holders and three candle sizes, home fragrances, rattan reed diffusers and soap. The smells include honeysuckle, beetroot, juniper berry, tomato leaves, coriander, liquorice, luscious pea, oregano, marijuana, cypress balls and ivy.

"A sense of domesticity informs my vision for LOEWE: the idea of the curated ambiance, in which to move and feel at ease." Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe, wished to create candles and home fragrances for a long time. "There is an intimacy and a coziness, but also a celebration of the natural world, to these candles that I find both timely and timeless."

The packaging is made in Spain, features the offspring of another collaboration project. In order to give visual depth to the taxonomy record, Erwan Frotin, who is known for his detailed photographs celebrating the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Loewe's Home Scents are available now at select international stores, and

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