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Botanical Oils | What and Why are They Good for Your Skin?

Jojoba Oil

Pronounced ho-ho-ba, Jojoba oil is extracted from the nut of the Jojoba plant which produces a rich, pure golden wax. The liquid wax of Jojoba can withstand very high temperatures and have extremely long shelf life, and also gentle enough to be used as a carrier oil to mix with other essential oils.

A lot of people use jojoba oil as part of their skincare routine, as the oil is known to be closest to the makes of our skin’s sebum and is a natural moisturizer for our skin. Not only does the oil contain wax esters which are great for smoothing and reducing fine lines, it also contains vitamin B, E, zinc, copper and chromium.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is the natural oil pressed from the pulp of an avocado. The Avocado oil is a perfect moisturizer with its rich oleic acid content; in addition, it also reduces signs of aging and its high Vitamin E content reduces damage from UV rays. The carotenoids in the oil is also a great form of reducing inflammation.

Sunflower Seed oil

When it comes to skincare today, sunflower seed oil is a great source of vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and is effective for combatting skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. Sunflower oil has natural calming properties that improve your skin’s moisture retention capacity and is beneficial for individuals with dehydrated or sensitive skin. Using sunflower oil regularly can help remove dead cells and impurities, leaving behind smooth, moisturized skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil had been used extensively for its health benefits and as a beauty aid much before science caught up with the goodness of this seed oil. The sweet almond oil that comes exclusively from edible almonds and it’s the oil popularly used for skin and hair care. However, when it comes to lipstick, it plays a big part in moisturize your lips and prevent chapped lips.

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