Boba Sensation Will Never End With All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm

5 February 2020, Kuala Lumpur – It started with the craze for the trending “Boba” (Millennial’s term

for Bubble Tea) sensation, to why can’t we have our “Boba” Beauty essential where it’s always

available on the go? Of course, the beauty essentials have to be free of any harmful chemical

substances because with the recent spread of virus globally, we definitely do not wish to take a

gamble with our health and body. That was precisely the idea behind Vase Creation and its newly

launched Daboba x Vase Creation All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm, collaborated with Daboba


Daboba Malaysia whom needs no introduction in Malaysia’s “Boba” market, is collaborating with

Vase Creation Malaysia to present a new collection of All-Natural Lip-Balm with their Daboba

Signature Top 3 drinks’ flavour, called The Boba Collection. Inspired by Daboba Signature Drinks,

the Daboba x Vase Creation All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm comes in a classy matte black tube which

has a mechanics similar to a mechanical pencil, with an exclusive “Boba” shaped box, only available

exclusively on Shopee.

Daboba x Vase Creation All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm

Protect your dry and chapped lips with a tinge of bubble tea scent anywhere you go. There are 3

scents available which are Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk

Tea & Mango Frappe. All 3 versions are carefully handcrafted with 100% natural and safe

ingredients that moisturize and condition the lips. The Boba Lip-Balm is specially formulated with the

essence of jojoba oil, castor oil, organic waxes and Vitamin E. Hence, the reason for your lips feeling

soft, smooth and healthy.

“The application of natural substances without any synthetic element makes it ideal for pregnant women and kids, and this will forever be engraved into the identity of the Vase Creation brand. The lip-balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and give you all-in-one hydration and aroma from just a single tube,” quoted Wendy Lean, co-founder of Vase Creation.

Availability & Pricing

The limited-edition Daboba x Vase Creation All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm is exclusively available on Shopee and selected Daboba outlets within Malaysia, which costs MYR 35.

Vase Creation products are free of petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients like phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate. Moreover, the products are also free from animal testing, 100% hand-poured, kid-friendly and Halal-Test Certified.

The All-Natural Boba Lip-Balm is available at Shopee Malaysia & selected Daboba outlets as below:

- Shopee (

- Selected Daboba outlets (14 outlets):

Daboba Sunway Giza, Daboba Setapak, Daboba Cheras C180, Daboba SS2, Daboba SS15 Subang, Daboba MyTown, Daboba Kota Kemuning, Daboba Karpal Singh, Daboba Lip Sin, Daboba Sutera Utama, Daboba Jalan Station, Daboba Gala City Kuching, Daboba Seremban 2

About Vase Creation

Vase Creation, a natural clean beauty brand that was behind the Milk Candy Lip-Balm in Malaysia, offering distinctive 100% hand-poured and all-natural safe cosmetic products, since 2018. Today, Vase Creation prides themselves of their high social responsibility practices by ensuring products are made from premium natural ingredients, nature-safe processes, yet affordable and safe.

About Daboba Malaysia

Daboba Malaysia, an established Taiwanese & Malaysian beverage brand with over 40 outlets in Malaysia itself, not forgetting Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, China and Australia. Founded in 2018, formed by concepts and visions of Taiwanese and Beverages industry. Daboba’s best sellers are their signature Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk and Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea.