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How to Re-use All the Beauty Products that You Don’t Like?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

We believe, nobody likes wasting stuff you bought but there’s always going to be a beauty product that doesn’t suit you. But, giving an unwanted product to friends or family doesn’t seems nice and hygienic. Here’s some tips for you of finding new ways to use up all the beauty products that you don’t want them anymore.

Lip Balms

Lip balms can be used as nail and cuticle moisturizers. You can apply them easily to nails with no mess!

Eye Creams

You can try to apply the eye creams that don’t work on your under-eye area, on your neck and chest which tends to be way less sensitive than the area on your face.

Sun Screen

Sunscreens or sun protectors that don’t work on your face can be use on your body, especially hands. With sleek and small packaging, it’s perfect for slipping in your bag and convenient to apply whenever you go.

Loose Powder

Is that newest tub of loose powder a little too "cakey" or drying for you? Or perhaps you bought the wrong shade? Whatever it is, don’t throw it out! Loose powder makes a perfect dry shampoo– just load up a brush or sponge with the powder, dab it on your scalp and brush it out with your regular hair brush.

Do you have any other favorite ways to re-purpose unused beauty products? Tell us now!

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Cory Shelton
Cory Shelton
08 de out. de 2021

Lovely blog you havee here