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Dancing with FENDI's Iconic Baguette Bag

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

For the latest Baguette Friends Forever series, Fendi presents their new video project, titled "THE BAGUETTE DANCE", featuring Fendi's iconic baguette bag, with a playful and mesmerizing twist.

Following a tribe of five rhythmic gymnasts from The Paris Centre, THE BAGUETTE DANCE showcases the incredible talents, elegance, poise, and prowess of these exceptional young dancers. As the FENDI Baguette is passed between them as they move with graceful speed and purpose through the room, its energy is passed between them too.

The Baguette Dance celebrates the iconic FENDI Baguette — with the eye-catching hypersoft FF logo embossed leather in 5 distinctive colors (black, yellow, pink, light blue, and red) - tapping into the bag’s unique DNA, capturing its youthful-yet-timeless quality and celebrating the power of friendship.

Paying homage to its curves, its edges, accents, unique details, and striking pops of color in their movements, THE BAGUETTE DANCE is more than just a tribute to the Fendi Baguette in the name – it is the Fendi Baguette in its purest form.

Meet Fendi newest BFFs and our first ever quintet of FFriends! This compact bag is often recognized as one of the first “It” bags and was relaunched in 2019 with a legendary comeback campaign with the slogan #BaguetteFriendsForever.

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