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Why Vase Creation?

Vase Creation, a Malaysia clean beauty & personal care brand, was founded on the fact that beauty is to feel good inside and out and toss all the harsh chemicals out the window, by two female founders, with a professional background in Chemical Formulating & Manufacturing industry.

Vase Creation is revolutionizing clean beauty with all-natural & safe products for you.

Consciously formulated with clean ingredients, we practice high social responsibility by ensuring products are made from premium natural ingredients, clean formulation, and nature-safe processes.

How does Vase Creation’s Clean Formulation & Clean Beauty work effectively?

As the Malaysian First Clean Beauty & Personal Care brand, procurement at Vase Creation involves commitment, to be Honest, & Transparent. We aim to ensure that our plant-derived ingredients are sustainably sourced from ethical & reliable direct suppliers, which are safe for the environment after the fact. With the experience and professional background of our founder, the Vase Creation products are formulated with stages of trials & microbial tests, produced under strictly controlled nature-safe processes, and not tested on animals.

In Vase Creation, we try our best to minimize plastic waste by packaging in bottles that boasts an excellent sustainability profile, for example, PET.

Our definition of clean formulation & clean beauty is safe to use with a balance of natural and synthetic ingredients in formulation with the best practice of the highest standards of quality and ethics to exploit the benefits of the product.

Where do Vase Creation’s product ingredients come from?

We sourced high-quality ingredients from different countries, through our reliable partners. The first consideration for us is the safety of our customers and the welfare of the natural environment.

To ensure our products are formulated with only the safest plant-derived ingredients of high quality and Halal certified, we are fastidious in selecting and sourcing ingredients for our products.

The process includes verifying the ingredient's origin, vegan origin, development process, no animal testing, and must not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

How are Vase Creation products made?

All Vase Creation products are manufactured by our GMP-certified facilities in Malaysia, with our very own formulation by our founder, Charlotte Tan - an experienced formula chemist. Our formulation and ethically sourced ingredients are assessed for product safety (during the product development process) by carrying out cumulative testing on human volunteers and peers, and various microbial tests in HALAL panel laboratories.

Besides, Vase Creation products are in accordance with the Control of Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations (CDCR) 1984 by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) and are notified to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).

I have very sensitive skin, what do you recommend?

All Vase Creation products are specially formulated for sensitive/combination/dry skin. However, allergies are unpredictable. If you have experienced a reaction from any of Vase Creation products, we recommend you stop using all products for 7 days and give your skin a chance to recover.

If you wish to test the Vase Creation products, please carry out a patch test before properly using any product. Follow the instructions to perform a patch test for any product: HERE

Do Vase Creation products contain allergens?

Stress Relief Pillow Mist & Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil: Vase Creation products contain essential oils, designated for the effect that benefits the skin. They are carefully considered and evaluated for safety and efficiency with Vase Creation’s best practices. However, essential oils are complex mixtures and are primarily made with plant-based ingredients (plant-based environment allergens), which can cause nasal allergy or asthma symptoms.

While formulating our products, our chemist is concerned about the findings and recommendations issued by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), ensuring the levels and the resource of all essential oils we use (the allergens they may contain) are under the limits recommended by IFRA and other global regulatory agencies.

Do you have microbeads in any of your products?


Do Vase Creation products contain parabens?


Do Vase Creation products contain petrochemical sourced ingredients?


Does Vase Creation contain preservatives?

Yes, the function of preservatives is to prolong the shelf life of a product. In Vase Creation, we source our preservatives from plant-based ingredients by carefully depending on the nature of Vase Creation products. Do note that the right concentration of preservative will not cause irritation while protecting the products by delaying rancid.

Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil: Plant-derived preservatives, such as phenoxyethanol, protect the product itself and prevent rancid caused by chemical reactions, such as oxidation or the growth of mold. You might be wondering, are preservatives good in a product?

Backed by decades of safety assessments, our ethically sourced preservatives help to maintain the freshness of consistency, along with emulsifying and stabilizing agents.

Research shows that compared to many other preservatives, the incidence of a sensitized or allergic reaction to phenoxyethanol applied as used in cosmetics is rare. The truth is, all preservatives, including natural preservatives, might carry some risk of sensitizing skin due to the functionality of the agents -  act to kill fungus, bacteria, and mold and that may negatively impact the skin. The risk to your skin from such pathogens is far greater than the risk any preservative could present.

Ironically, for natural preservatives to be effective, they must be used in much higher amounts than synthetic preservatives, typically up to 10%. Higher amounts may irritate or sensitize the skin, so natural preservatives aren’t even close to a slam-dunk replacement for synthetics (refers to plant-derived preservatives).

Do Vase Creation products contain alcohol?

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist only, as the formulation contains Ethyl Alcohol. The function of alcohol in the pillow mist helps to combine the properties of aroma and oil. It is a small molecule that evaporates readily/doesn’t leave any alcohol residue because of its size and chemical properties. ‘Alcohol’ denotes a general chemical category that refers to many different substances with broadly different properties and uses.

Refer to the ingredients listing ‘Alcohol Denat’ -  the Ethyl Alcohol which is formulated in our product(s) is cosmetic-grade alcohol derived from the fermentation of cane sugar - resulting from the inclusion of denaturant, which can vary, but it never exceeds 1.0% and does not affect safety. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.

Always be mindful to check the ingredients listed on the packaging of products.

What if I have an adverse reaction to a Vase Creation product?

All cosmetic & personal care ingredients have the potential to irritate skin allergies regardless of the amount used in an individual product and/or the method in which it is used.

We recommend a patch test before consistent usage as a precaution for any sensitivity issues, and if necessary, consult your doctor to establish whether you have experienced an irritation or an allergy. In the unlikely event that you have an adverse experience with the Vase Creation product, kindly discontinue use and return it to the place of purchase.

How should I store Vase Creation products?

We recommend storing your products in a dry & cool place away from direct sunlight.

Does Vase Creation have an expiry date?

Stress Relief Pillow Mist & Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil: Un-opened shelf life 36 Months

Does Vase Creation offer product refills?

Yes, refillable products are highly recommended by Vase Creation, to further emphasize our sustainability initiatives.

If you’re looking for the refill packs and unable to find them in-store, kindly notify the staff of your interest to purchase.

Are Vase Creation products natural?

Vase Creation products are natural.

‘Natural’, defined as the ingredients which are derived from plant, animal, or mineral by-products.

Are Vase Creation products tested on animals?



Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil


How to use Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil?

Shake it as you mean it. Rub and massage the shower oil over the face & body, and rinse with water.

A 2-in-1 solution of choice to substitute face wash, body shampoo, or soap.

What’s the difference between Shower Oil and regular body wash?

‘Regular body wash’, refers to shower gel, bath soap, which is able to strip the skin of natural oils; whereas shower oil replenishes moisture to your skin while maintaining skin barrier which prevents skin tightness and irritation bath, as compared to regular soap/shower gel.

Would Shower Oil make my skin oilier?

No, it does not feel greasy. Let’s give it a try. We welcome you to the club that you will never think of leaving.

Is Shower Oil good for my dry/combination/sensitive skin?

Yes, Vase Creation Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil is specially formulated with mild and gentle plant-derived ingredients. Suitable for pregnant mummies, anyone above three years old, and all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin.

What is Pentavitin® and how does it benefit me?

Pentavitin® is 100% extracted from plants, formed by isomerization of plant-derived D-glucose which is similar to carbohydrate complexes found in human skin and its unique ability to bind to skin cells. It is flush with hydrating properties and provides your skin with instant deep hydration and protection by strengthening your skin’s defense mechanism against environmental aggressors, which lasts up to 72 hours.

A healthy and hydrated skin not only makes you feel comfortable in your own skin but most importantly, preserves your skin’s youth.

Does Vase Creation Shower Oil contain fragrance?

Yes. To balance the aromatic note, and provide a long-lasting scent, the product is formulated with Citrus pure essential oil and green tea fragrance.

How long can 1 bottle of Shower oil 330ml last? Any refill bottle?

For daily usage, 1 bottle of 330ml Shower Oil can last for 45-60 days. (Individual; Estimated 2 shower sessions per day)

Yes, a refill pack is available. if you’re looking for the refill packs and unable to find them in-store, kindly notify the staff of your interest of purchase.

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist

How to use Vase Creation Pillow Mist?

Shake well, and spray twice on your pillow and linens before bed. Relax and slowly take a breather to immerse yourself in the aroma, we ensure you will be falling into a deep quality slumber.

Is Vase Creation Pillow Mist proven or tested to work effectively?

The effectiveness of our product ingredients is proven through microbial laboratory tests and clinical consumer studies carried out by our formula chemist.

The proven results are shown during our cumulative testing on human volunteers and peers.

Read more genuine consumer reviews and media testimonials here.

Does Vase Creation Stress Relief Pillow Mist contain fragrance?


Is the Pillow Mist organic? What is the EcoCert & Cosmos Organic logo on the packaging label?

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist, is classified as an organic & natural product.

We’re using carefully selected pure essential oils depending on their functionality and properties:

  • Cosmos Organic Certification: Pogostemon Cablin Oil

  • EcoCert: Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil

‘Organic’, refers to how an ingredient is farmed and has to be examined by institutions for organic certification, such as organic food, organic ingredients, and other organic agricultural products.

How does the Pillow Mist work to encourage calm and sleep?

Sense of smell has a powerful effect on the brain.

An elixir blend to encourage sleep-hormone such as Lavender, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, and Vetiver to help control your mood and state of mind. When you inhale the aroma of the Pillow Mist, the scent is transported by the olfactory nerves, which interact with the limbic system. This is the part of the brain that controls your mood and state of mind.

Smell has a powerful effect on what goes on in the brain. The essential oils in Pillow Mist are particularly chosen for their calming and relaxing benefits on both mind and body.

Is the Pillow Mist suitable for pregnant mummies/children below 3 years old?

Vase Creation Stress Relief Pillow Mist is on the approved list of essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy, with your practitioner's permission (though there are other essential oils you'll need to avoid).

Keep out of reach of children. We encourage children below 3 years old to use the Pillow Mist under adult supervision, as it contains allergens that the parents should take note of, with the doctor’s permission.

Are there any usage warnings I need to be aware of for Pillow Mist use?

Pillow Mist is for external usage only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray directly onto silk or delicate fabrics.

We recommend spraying the pillow mist on the pillow, blanket, or sleeves, instead of directly applying it to the skin, which might cause skin irritation.

How long does Pillow Mist 12ml last?

We recommend using the Pillow Mist 3-4 times per week. 1 bottle of Pillow Mist 12ml can last for 45-60 days. (Individual; Estimated 2-spritz per session)

How should I store Vase Creation Pillow Mist?

We recommend storing your products in a dry & cool place away from direct sunlight.

Do you have a refill pack for the product?

Currently, no.

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