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How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly?

Sustainable, zero-waste beauty routines have become one of the biggest beauty trends these few years. Consider this scary fact: humans have created 8.3 billion tons of plastic since the stuff was invented. Every year, we produce around 300 million tons of plastic, and about 8 million tons of this ends up floating around in the ocean. It’s clear that we humans need to clean up our act when it comes to how we treat Mother Earth.

#Tips 1: Cut down on plastic

We know, it’s very tough to go completely plastic-free, but you can reduce the waste you generate within your beauty routine. For example, choosing a stainless-steel safety razor instead of a disposable razor. Other plastic culprits that are easy to replace: toothbrushes and bottled shampoo.

#Tips 2: Choose recyclable or refillable packaging

When you’re shopping for make-up, skincare, and hair care products, choose ones with smart packaging. Plenty of high-quality brands have championed natural, eco-friendly products for years. If you’re looking for a brand that ticks all the boxes, Vase Creation Malaysia is one of our favorites, offering vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products. Hence, The Olive Tree Malaysia had recently launched their new store concept which draws its inspiration from the Zero Waste Community in Malaysia, which working on alternatives to reduce plastic usage throughout the supply chain, and allow the customers to bring their own container to re-fill their supply of shampoo and body wash.

#Tips 3: Avoid micro-plastics

Micro-plastics are tiny particles of plastic less than five millimeters long. They’re known to be harmful to the environment, but unfortunately the beauty industry is a major producer. You can find the micro-beads in your face scrub and toothpaste, which can be ended up in our oceans and may be ingested by marine animals. Check out here for the information.

#Tips 4: Say no to single-use products

As you go about your beauty routine, consider all the items you use just once before throwing them. Cotton pads? Face wipes? Swabs? There’re many reusable alternatives for these common disposables out there, such as makeup remover cloths, or washable cotton rounds that you can use again and again.

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