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Clean Beauty in 2022: Untold Truth

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The beauty buzzword and trend for 2022 is “Clean Beauty”. What is "Clean"?

Vase Creation's professional formula chemist is here to explain what you can or can't - trust, and guidance to choose your Clean Beauty products.

Beauty brands love to use the term "clean", "natural", "vegan" and "organic" to portray their products as safe or not harmful, such as excluding certain ingredients like lead and parabens. Anything can be called "clean". There's an overload of relevant claims and trendy terms on the product packaging like misinformation and misleading statements used in marketing. This may lead to health risks or potential skin irritation issues.

What is the Clean Beauty?

We've separated into two (2) criteria.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Clean beauty products comprise skincare, cosmetic, fragrance, hair care, and certain personal care products which contain non-harmful or toxic ingredients, generally found in the conventional products in the mass market.

Transparent Labeling

Do your ingredients check! Especially for sensitive skin users, pregnant mummies & kids.

A deeper dive into the ingredients, we recommend inspecting the ingredients which are listed on the label. When a brand is putting effort to list their ingredients and label accordingly, no doubt, they're on the right path to the Clean Beauty journey.

Unfortunately, not all brands are transparent, as they are able to falsely claim their products are clean and safe. The term for this is called “Green-Washing”. In Vase Creation, we do not hide the ingredients, we practice transparency by educating our audience on what they are applying.

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