6 Common Lipstick Mistakes You’re Probably Making

When it comes to a statement-making pout, lipstick is the way to go. Lipstick is cornerstone of everyone’s beauty routine and an essential to every lady. However, lipstick applications seem easy, but there’s always a few common mistakes a lot of ladies end up making. We’re going to reveal the six such mistakes you probably making.

Applying lipstick on chapped lips

Most of the lipsticks in the market couldn’t help you to moisture your lips! If you have chapped lips, please stop applying lipstick as your lip color will be look patchy at areas. To avoid that, keep yourself hydrated or use a medicated lip-balm or oil to smooth-en your lips. We’d like to recommend you our Vase Creation Signature All-Natural Lipstick, as the exclusive formula and natural ingredients will moisturize your chapped lips.

Never exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating lips is very important. A good lip scrub can help you to get rid of dead skin and make your lips smooth.

Applying lipstick without a lip liner

Using a lip liner can help you to define the lips and also give a long-wearing finish. Skipping this step can make your lips bleed and feather out easily.

Using the wrong lipstick shade

Just like the face foundation, you have to choose the lip shade that suits your skin tone. A wrong lipstick shade can make your face look pale or tanned.

Applying too much lipstick

The lipstick will be smear on the glasses or clothes easily if you end up applying too much of lipstick. Here’s some tips for you, blot your lipstick with a tissue paper after applying it, to avoid the extra of product.

Why we need to remove the lipstick

While you might think that your lipstick is all washed out, but it’s still necessary to remove your lipstick while removing your make-up. The residue of lip color can make your lips dry and rough.


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