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Vase Creation is a Direct-to-Consumer Startup that brings the revolution of Beauty & Personal Care through Formulation & Digitalization

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Vase Creation is a Direct-to-Consumer Startup that brings the revolution of Beauty & Personal Care through Formulation & Digitalization

Our mission is to provide Innovative, Creative, and Confidence to everyone through high-quality & sustainable products, yet safe and affordable. Vase Creation redefines the personal care and beauty industry by fusing insights from our community with insights from our founder, a formula chemist professional, and researcher. We bring inspiration into the future with innovative products.

About Vase Creation

Our Values


We work hard to design diverse teams, seeking out new perspectives and listening carefully to the ideas of others.


We use empathy to build a sense of community and common purpose.


In Vase Creation, our goal is to create unique experiences for our customers.

It is our aspiration to earn our customers' trust and to bring them joy, with each decision we make.

Think Big

We are committed to critical thinking and intellectual growth; uncovering new ideas and ways in any aspect.


We constantly seek out new information and share what we learn with one another.


We strive to think big, take risks, and do what's necessary to innovate.


We speak up, share ideas, and solve challenges, which encourages every team member to do the same.

Company Values

Life at Vase Creation

We provide work-from-home positions to enable like-minded employees to engage in meaningful conversations that facilitate action at Vase Creation.

Our head office is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor;

our factory is located in Chemor, Ipoh Perak.

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Meet The Team


Lawrence T.


Wendy L.


Charlotte T.

Life at Vase Creaton
Our Benefits

Our Benefits


We have a flexible work schedule, and we value employees according to the quality of their work rather than their hours.


We want you to feel like this is a place where you can grow, learn new skills, and develop into your best self. You can learn to work as a team in the startup environment.

Deserve It

We are passionate about the products we offer here at Vase Creation, and we want you to be just as excited about them as we are. To help you along on your journey, we offer a high commission rate for any sales you complete.

Comprehensive Benefits

We are committed to providing its employees with the best benefits packages available. We understand that our employees are the foundation of our business.

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